Born under dark clouds,

I've cried thunder and rain.

I've got the right   

to SING my BLUES."

Lea McIntosh has earned the title, Renaissance Woman.  Leaving behind a successful design, culinary, and multimedia marketing career that spanned two decades, she has happily turned the wheel and driven away from a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a branded TV chef and self-made entrepreneur, seeking out a path in music instead.   In her own words: “I’ve always known there was something bigger out there calling my heart.”   


All along, music was her true love.   Simultaneously while building her multifaceted career, she managed to fit in time for music. A classically trained vocalist, she once dreamed of taking the opera stage, but a tonsillectomy sidelined her operatic singing career.   Fast-forward to today, she’s boxed up her opera scores, hung up her chef’s coat, and traded in her chef’s knives for pen and paper.   The time has come; she’s ready to put her revved-up soul onstage and sing her stories through her own original songs.   She is more determined than ever to give her music everything she’s got in her soul, ending each performance on a high note. But don’t expect any of her songs to end on a high-C--because she has transformed her dramatic soprano singing voice and style and embraced a low-down groove, solely singing her Blues.


Lea says, “Born under dark clouds, I’ve cried thunder and rain.   I’ve got the right to sing my blues.”   Her heart turned many shades of blue at a very young age, growing up alongside a single mother who lived a fast-lane, criminal life.   The victim of violence, Lea bore witness to heavy drug use and criminal enterprise.   “It’s a chapter of my life that ended in an eternity of heartache, with the first love of my heart lost to murder.”   Lea has been fortunate to survive through many dark chapters in her life, giving her a unique voice--one filled with edginess and pushing the limits with her lyrics. She explains, “I ain’t holding back.   Everything is fair game.”


Currently, Lea is collaborating with musical phenom, producer and guitarist, Travis Cruse.   They’re preparing to burst forth as a musical duo and have developed a style uniquely their own, combining elements of their own invention with deeply beloved and traditional elements sure to invite warm feelings of nostalgia in their audiences.   Lea and Travis produce original songs that are simultaneously catchy and meaningful. Their number one goal is always fun, an ethos that shines through in all their musical collaborations.   Very quickly Lea and Travis are winning over fans in the California and West Coast music scenes. They continue to write new songs and build their set list as they prepare to release Lea's debut album, soon to be available late 2020.


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